Our ePal Page

We have two ePal projects this year.

First, we will be corresponding with a class in New Hampshire.
Check out our pen pal letters at: http://wearepals.wikispaces.com/

Our second project is with a class in Beirut, Lebanon. They have contacted classrooms from a variety of countries around the world. We will join in their activities!
You can see their projects at:

We have written letters for the Bridges of Peace and Hope project and are hoping to make a connection with an International School of Africa. Our letters are being taken to Africa by singer and songwriter John Farrell. He is leaving around October 8. We will follow his blog about the project and his trip at:

LOGO-FINAL-OCT-2008-sm.jpg Bridges of Peace and Hope

Wonderful news arrived today in an email from John Farrell:

Hello Cheryl Get out your map and globe. Your Bridges PenPal letters were delivered today to a terrific teacher at the American International School of Lusaka. Her name is Kate Bidder and she teaches grade 1 and has 15 students in her class but will probably recruit three other students. AISL is an international school with children from many countries including some from the US and Canada. Kate will be in touch with you. Their school does many community outreach projects and your collaboration could lead at some point to communicating with some other Zambian students from another school too. Please keep Mary Jain informed about any projects you two may pursue together. Cheryl, I will try to get a photo of myself and Kate somewhere on the school grounds here and send it to you. All the Best,

Here is a link to the school website: http://www.aislusaka.org/index.html